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The WCR Plan Center, ID# ISSN 1055-4270, USPS: 006-106, Periodical postage paid at Bellingham, WA is published on a weekly basis. The price structure is as follows: $250.00 per quarter, $375.00 semiannual, or $600.00 per year (sales tax of 8.5% included). Owner and published by WCR Publications, Inc., 2215 Midway Ln, Ste. 208, Bellingham. WA 98226. Postmaster, send address changes to 2215 Midway Ln., Ste. 208, Bellingham, WA 98226.

  • The Weekly Construction Reporter is owned and operated by WCR Publications Inc. A member of the National Subcontractors Association and an affiliate member of the National Plan Center.

Plan Library
  • The WCR plan room is located in Bellingham.

  • Plans are available as indicated for all projects bidding.

  • WCR Members are welcome to check out plans after 4:00 p.m. Plans may be kept overnight until 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Plans must be returned promptly. Please plan ahead. Call early to reserve the plans in which you are interested.

  • Available for your convenience: Central location, plenty of room and tables to spread out and estimate, self-serve photo copies ($0.10 per page, plus 8.5% sales tax), access to phones and fax machine, full size blueprint reproduction ($1.50 per sheet, plus 8.5% sales tax), room to estimate, hot coffee, and great service.

Space to Spread Out

Come and See Us! We'll be happy to show you around!


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WCR Plan Center

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Weekly Construction Reporter & Plan Center

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