Awarded: Columbia Neighborhood Water Quality Improvement & Storm Drain Maintenance Project No. EV-0120

Location: Bellingham

Engineer’s Estimate: $2,081,785.00

Awarded to: Faber Construction – $1,778,640.43

Generals Bidding: 13

Project Description: Project includes installing storm water treatment facilities including bioretention cells and modular wetland system vaults. This project also includes performing spot repairs and trenchless relining of existing storm mains. Storm drain laterals will also be replaced including intersection reconstruction and required accessibility upgrades.

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RFQ, Request for Qualifications, Page Allows You “To Be In The Know”

Have you checked out the RFQ page for Engineers and/or Architects?
We post RFQs for Engineers & Architects so that you can see what’s coming.

Check out these RFQs bidding now:
Anderson Creek Basin Analysis and Restoration Alternatives
SR20, Township Street to Fruitdale Road Lane Widening and Sidewalk
Solid Waste/Equipment Maintenance and Street Facility Project
Boblett Street Traffic Channelization And Corridor Improvements

Here are the links:

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Monday’s Permit Report for December 18th

Here are the permits we entered valued at $1 million or more:

TI for New Radiology Clinic – Skagit Radiology
Location: 1344 King St 101, Bellingham, WA
Cost of Construction: $1,000,000
Size: not given
Owner: Skagit Radiology Real Estate LLC, (360) 428-7212, 125 N 18th St Suite C, Mt Vernon, WA 98273
Contractor: Trico Companies LLC, (360) 707-7670, 15066 Josh Wilson Rd, Burlington, WA 98233
Issued By: City of Bellingham
Permit# BLD2017-1128
Applied: 12/5/2017
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 12/14

New 20-Unit Multifamily Building
Location: 700 N STATE ST
Cost of Construction: $2,821,601.96
Size: not given
Owner: Greenbriar Construction Co 1/3, (360) 676-1799, 2200 Division St Ste E, Bellingham WA 98226
Contractor: Greenbriar Construction Co, (360) 676-1799, 2200 Division St Ste E, Bellingham WA 98226
Issued By: City of Bellingham
Permit# BLD2017-1133
Applied: 12/6/2017
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 12/14

New Commercial Building -Shell
Location: 455 32nd St
Cost of Construction: $3,388,084.05
Size: none given
Owner: DCI Properties LLC, PO Box 30920
Contractor: TBD
Applicant: AVT Consulting LLC, (360) 527-9445, 1708 F St, Bellingham, WA 98225
Issued By: City of Bellingham
Permit# BLD2017-1134
Applied: 12/6/2017
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 12/14

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WCR Subscription Rate Increase


I hope you are having a wonderful week.

I’m writing to let you know we have a rate increase for 2018 (letter included). It’s been four years and is necessary to keep up with increasing costs and to better assist you.

You may offset this increase by renewing your membership by December 31, 2017 or by taking advantage of our “Refer a Friend” program.

It is my intention to make WCR the best place to come for construction leads. I love this work and am committed to you and our community.

I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Dawn Harju,

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Refer A Friend Program


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Sehome Hill Communications Tower Replacement

Bid Date: 09/12/2017
Award Date: 12/4/17
Award to: Award Construction Inc.
Award Amount: $730,464.00
Engineers Estimate: $558,772.35
Project Overview: EK-0001 48B-2017
Replacement of the communications tower located in the Sehome Hill Arboretum. A new tower and shelter will be installed at the south end of the existing Arboretum parking lot. After all communications equipment is transferred to the new tower site, the existing tower will be decommissioned and removed. The tower at this site supports various critical communications facilities owned by several public entities, including Police, Fire, Public Works, Port of Bellingham, and Western Washington University. Telecommunication companies also lease antenna space on the tower and within the equipment shelter, providing cellular/wireless communications for local residents.
The existing communication tower has been evaluated, and due to equipment revisions and code criteria changes, further equipment modifications or additions cannot be performed on the existing structure. Various structural modifications have been performed over the life of the structure to increase structural capacity, and options for additional modification of the existing tower have been exhausted. A new tower will provide the needed space and capacity to safely house and support all existing equipment and provide for future expansion and communication needs into the future.
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