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The WCR Plan Center, ID# ISSN 1055-4270, USPS: 006-106, Periodical postage paid at Bellingham, WA is published on a weekly basis. The price structure is as follows: $115 monthly per 4 weeks, $300.00 quarterly per 13 weeks, $450.00 semiannual per 26 weeks, or $850.00 per year (sales tax of 8.7% included). Owner and published by WCR Publications, Inc., 2215 Midway Ln, Ste. 208, Bellingham. WA 98226. Postmaster, send address changes to 2215 Midway Ln., Ste. 208, Bellingham, WA 98226.

The Weekly Construction Reporter is owned and operated by WCR Publications Inc. A member of the National Subcontractors Association and an affiliate member of the National Plan Center.

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