Location: Coupeville

Engineer’s Estimate: $1,104,726 to $1, 221,012

Awarded to: P&L Contractors Inc, (360) 675-6674, 2780 Goldie Rd # C, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Award Amount: $1,244,650.00

Generals Bidding: 3

Project description:

Civil work to include: Civil work to include but not limited to a temporary erosion control plan, grading and utility plan, and a drainage report meeting the Town of Coupeville Municipal Code and the 2014 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington by the Department of Ecology.

Low Impact Development (LID) Best Management Practices (BMPs) are evaluated per the requirements and designed using an infiltration rate provided by the geotechnical engineer. Two infiltration trenches have been located on the north-west side of the existing gym for the stormwater control. Some of the existing pavement is planned to remain with an overlay to match new grades shown on the civil drawings.

The new sewer from the new bathrooms will be routed north to the existing sanitary line serving the northern building. The invert of this existing sewer will need to be located prior to sewer connection and the existing utilities will need to be verified for any conflicts. The grading and utility plan shows connections to existing on-site utilities for the building addition including stormwater, water, and sewer based on the survey and as-built provided. The grading and utility plan will also show proposed walkways, extents of pavement, trenching, and grading.

Architectural work to include: The scope of the architectural work includes but not limited to the construction of a new multipurpose gym facility adjacent to the existing multipurpose building at Coupeville Elementary School. Architectural work consists of construction of new wood stud walls with gypsum board, doors, relites, casework, toilet partitions and accessories. Exterior walls are wood framed with brick veneer wainscot and horizontal siding. The new multipurpose addition will contain a gymnasium, toilet rooms and a space for concessions. The new multipurpose room will have a new single-ply (PVC) membrane roof separated from the existing roof with an expansion joint. A seismic expansion joint will separate the new building from the addition. Equipment such as basketball hoops and floor stripping is included.

Structural work to include: The installation of new strip and pad footings and a slab-on-grade (and associated soil prep), construction of wood stud bearing and shear walls which feature built-up stud pack columns and built-in glulam columns at key locations. The roof structural work includes wood Ijoists and open web steel joists with wood sheathing and CLT , respectively. In addition, the structural roof elements include a canopy mounted to the wall. Also included is the installation of a large steel truss on the northside of the new addition (gridline C) spanning the entire length of the building, which supports the north ends of the main roof OWSJ.

Mechanical work to include:

  1. Division 21 Fire protection work includes the fire riser with connection to the water main, wet pipe valve and appertuences, distribution piping, sprinkler heads, etc., to protect the existing Multipurpose Building and the Multipurpose Addition.
  2. Division 22 Plumbing work includes soil, waste, and vent system to serve the plumbing fixtures, plumbing fixtures, post existing water softener domestic water system service piping, pre-water softener service piping to hose bib, post water softener piping distribution and connection to fixtures, plumbing fixtures, water heaters and commissioning of plumbing systems
  3. Division 23 work includes general provisions, basic materials and methods, testing, adjusting and balancing, commissioning of mechanical systems, Owner’s systems training, O&M Manuals, air distribution systems, air distribution accessories, exhaust fans, and packaged rooftop air to air heat pump.

Electrical work to include:

  1. Division 26 Electrical work includes general provisions, basic materials and methods, testing, commissioning of electrical systems, Owner’s systems training, O&M Manuals, lighting, electrical devices, panelboards, disconnect switches, connection to mechanical equipment, circuit breakers, and fuses.
  2. Division 27 Telecommunication work includes patch panels, horizontal cabling, workstation devices, intercom cabling and devices, and clock system.
  3. Division 28 Fire alarm work includes new devices that are to be connected to the existing fire alarm system.