Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome to the beginning… the beginning of change.

  1. I want you to know, I paid off all the debt I inherited with WCR. I knew I would! And if you didn’t know about the debt, I truly tried to never let you see me sweat – hahaha… Just kidding. I have enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. We recently replaced the last piece of old equipment with ever better, a Color Scanner/Copier/Printer, and all equipment is under a maintenance agreement. We acknowledge your busy schedule & want you trust that our equipment is reliable.
  3. We are dropping the name Weekly Construction Reporter & Plan Center. Why? Because that was the old company and it does not accurately reflect what we do or where we are headed! We are not weekly- We work hard every single day for you!!!
  4. Our new name is Western Construction Resources!!! Whooo Hooo! I love the name -it better reflects what we do! We are a great RESOURCE to you and the community!
  5. I am looking at a better design for all of our data (projects, permits, awards, bid results). It drives me crazy that you, our customer, cannot search on each and every single piece of data we enter. Also, I want that project info to go live as soon as it?s entered instead of Uploading on specific days & times.
  6. I am looking into solutions for an online planroom which you would be able to self-register for projects. We will continue to be a physical planroom (paper plans), but it?s important to me that we fill your need for online plan viewing, downloading & self-registering for addenda & project changes.

I am very proud of our wins. I am in this for the long haul. Life is about to get exciting.

Please support us as we move forward by recommending WCR to other contractors. I know there is enough for work for everybody. My dream is to see local work going to local contractors, local suppliers, designed by local consultants. I?m relying on your support to do this.

Thank you for your patronage! Your membership & support means the world to us! Dawn