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2021 Consulting Services SOQ
Public Utility District No. l of Skagit County (“PUD”) hereby solicits Statements of Qualification (SOQ) from firms possessing the required experience and resources needed to assist the PUD in evaluating, designing, installing, equipping, and maintaining security systems for its current assets within Skagit County. The PUD intends to form a longterm relationship with the selected consultant. The PUD operates Skagit County’s largest water system, providing water to approximately 80,000 people every day. The cities of Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Sedro-Woolley receive the majority of the PUD’s water. Due to public demand for quality water, the PUD also provides service to unincorporated and remote county areas. The PUD’s service area includes part of Fidalgo Island at the west end of the county and extends as far east as Marblemount. From north to south, the PUD’s service area starts in Alger/Lake Samish and extends south to Conway. Multiple tanks, pumps, and buildings are operated and maintained throughout the PUD’s system. These facilities have a networked SCADA system that relies on PUD-owned fiber-optic network, private cellular networks, broadband, satellite, and radio communications. Security for all these assets is imperative to the success of the PUD’s mission to provide our customers with high-quality water services at an affordable price.
Services to be provided may include but are not limited to:
1. Evaluation of the existing PUD system. Identify what type of security is appropriate at different locations and how to best meet the PUD’s security needs.
2. Design of security systems. Design security systems for a wide range of assets. Security systems should be provided for the PUD’s new headquarters building and many remote sites. The systems should also allow staff to monitor sites in real-time remotely.
3. Supply and installation of proposed systems. The PUD is interested in the firm’s ability to procure and install security components such as such as cameras, card swipe door hardware, locks and cores, and the necessary panels and controls to operate the equipment and install the selected security systems. And integration with existing SCADA and Linell systems.
4. Maintaining security systems. The PUD is interested in a firm’s ability to continue to provide support for purchased systems and equipment.
5. Building management system. Describe your firms experience creating and maintaining a building management system and provide references.
Statements of Qualifications must clearly demonstrate the ability of the respondent firm(s) in the following Significant Evaluation Factors: Cover Page (maximum 1 page). General Information (maximum of 3 pages): • Overview of Firm (History, Mission, Vision, and Goals) • Proximity to Skagit County • Long-term customer relationship approach and the value your firm provides Specific Information (maximum of 5 pages) as described above: • Experience of the firm. Provide examples and references of five client solutions with varying levels of service provided by your firm. Qualifications of the staff. Brief description of preferred equipment provider for standard equipment installed.
NOTE: Submittals must include a cover page and include the firm’s General Information. SOQ will be a maximum of 9 pages. The PUD will score and ank each firm based on the evaluation factors listed above and the PUD’s needs. The PUD will then enter into an agreement with the top-ranked firm. A
A specific scope of work will be written for each project during the year, and the PUD will conduct contract negotiations with topranked firms on a rotating basis. The number of firms selected will be at the PUD’s discretion. The PUD is committed to a program of equal opportunity.
Statements of Qualifications will be kept on file for the calendar year 2022 or longer at the PUD’s discretion.
Firms desiring consideration shall submit one (1) PDF file of Statement of Qualifications to Contract Coordinator, Catherine Price,, by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.
For project-specific questions, please contact Capital Project Manager, Sam Shipp, P.E., at (360) 630-1547 or by email at


2022-2025 Fish Passage – Design Services RFQ # 1B-2022
The City of Bellingham (City) is seeking written statements of qualifications from consulting firms with expertise in municipal utility design and rehabilitation.
The City of Bellingham (“City”) is issuing this request for qualifications (RFQ) (Invitation No. 1B-2022) from consulting firms interested in providing professional design services for the 2022-2025 Fish Passage project (EN056).
The 2022-2025 Fish Passage project will address the general fish passage issues associated with up to five (5) fish passage barriers. Projects will be located in Padden, Squalicum, Whatcom, or Chuckanut Creeks or their tributaries.
Services, including professional engineering services, and construction engineering and/or administration, may be added/removed from the contract contingent upon funding availability and project needs. Design services will be funded by City utility funds. Future funding for construction and construction management is anticipated from Brian Abbott FBRB funding administered by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).
All proposals shall be received no later than 11:00 a.m. on Thursday 13 January. Late or misdirected proposals will not be considered. Proposals shall be sent or delivered to the City of Bellingham, Purchasing Office, 2221 Pacific Street, Bellingham, WA 98229. Phone: (360) 778-7750.
The Request for Qualifications and supporting documents for bid 1B-2022 are available for download on-line at .
Persons with disabilities may request this information be prepared and supplied in alternate forms by calling (360) 778-7750.


Environmental Compliance Assessment Program
The Port of Bellingham (the Port) is soliciting responses from qualified environmental consulting firms to assist the Port with the management of its Environmental Compliance Assessment Program (ECAP).
The ECAP was developed in 1993 to ensure that Port tenants managed leased properties in compliance with applicable environmental regulations. It has expanded to include Port operations and facilities as well. It has also evolved into a risk-based approach, focusing on operations with a higher risk of pollution of the environment and/or damage to Port assets. The benefits of the program include improved environmental management, discovery of negative impacts to Port properties, identification of potential illicit discharge conditions, promotion of Best Management Practices, relationship building and outreach opportunities.
The Port is seeking ongoing ECAP assistance and risk management advisory services. The contract term for this work is February 15 to December 31, 2022. It may be extended for multiple years subject to future budget appropriations and Commission approval. It is anticipated that through the term of the contract, up to three ECAP cycles of assessments will be completed as per the Standard Operating Procedures. Each ECAP cycle generally consists of up to 15 site visits over 3-4 days. The successful firm will complete at tasks as set out in the current Standard Operating Procedures, which include:
* Provide input on the tenant environmental risk ranking process,
* Maintain the ECAP tenant database and environmental risk rankings,
* Provide up to 2 team members as subject matter experts and recorders for site visits,
* Summarize site visit findings for Port and tenant review,
* Prepare and update the site maps based on site visits,
* Document site visits through photographs,
* Maintain links to and recommend various environmental requirements and guidance materials,
* Provide technical support for miscellaneous environmental questions such as waste management and reporting, and tenant stormwater
* Inclusion of ECAP records into the Port’s GIS
Other tasks and procedures may be added to the SOPs upon discussion with the successful respondents.
Responses should address the following criteria, which will be used to evaluate all firms:
1. Professional Qualifications and Experience
1. Detailed description of keeping up to date with local requirements for environmental issues such as product/waste management, stormwater, etc.
2. Description of similar projects completed by the firm in the last 5 years, demonstrating thorough knowledge of local, state and federal environmental regulations and BMPs over a broad range of industries including boatyards, seafood processors, restaurants, wood products, automotive repair, boat construction, and other industrial/manufacturing businesses.
3. Relevant expertise in regulations for the following Washington State Department of Ecology NPDES Stormwater Permits: Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit for Western Washington and Industrial Stormwater General Permit, Boatyard General Permit
4. Relevant expertise in environmental risk management and mitigation, including environmental controls
5. Relevant customer service experience working with a variety of small business operators and owners in a non-regulatory setting
6. Proficient use and strong working knowledge of MS Office Access, Adobe, GIS and CADD software, as well as an online database for document management such as Sharepoint
2. Description of approach
1. Organizational chart with proposed project team and responsibilities
2. Detailed narrative describing approach for risk-based ECAP management, conducting tenant site visits, database management, creating and updating site maps, updating the Port GIS and pre and/or post site visit research of relevant environmental regulations and BMPs.
3. Demonstrated capability to perform required services
1. Key assigned personnel, including professional background and availability
2. Project manager’s specific experience managing similar projects
3. Familiarity with Whatcom County and/or similar businesses and environmental and political climates
4. Past and current clients and references
1. Recent project work, including scope of work, contact for reference and a proposed approach for managing any real, potential or apparent conflicts of interest.
Closing Date/Time: 1/14/2022 5:00 PM
Download from:


On-Call Transportation Planning
Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA), the public transportation agency in Whatcom County, Washington, will receive proposal in accordance with minimum proposal requirements identified in Request for Proposals (RFP) 2021-260. The purpose of this RFP is to select the most qualified provider(s) of transportation planning services.
Proposals must be received by the WTA on or before 12:00 p.m. PST, on Thursday, January 27, 2021.
The RFP may be obtained at
WTA reserves the right to postpone, accept or reject any and all proposals as the WTA deems in its own best interest, subject to the rules and regulations issued by the Federal Transit Administration of the United States Department of Transportation.


RFQ Civil Engineering Services
The City of Ferndale is seeking qualification statements from Professional Engineering firms with experience providing Plans, Specifications and Engineering Services for the Pump Station # 15 Decommissioning Project.
A copy of the document that lists the requirements for submission of this RFQ may be obtained from the City’s website at
The submittal date for the RFQ is 4:30PM, Friday, January 28, 2022.
Questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to Katy Radder, Public Works Project Manager, at 360-685-2377.


RFQ Architectural Engineering and Surveying
Island County anticipates the need for architectural, surveying, engineering, and general professional services for 2022.
Selection of firms for professional services other than architectural, engineering, or surveying work will be governed by competitive solicitation procedures authorized by RCW 39.80 and Island County Code 2.29.030 B.7.
Selection of firm(s) or individual(s) for interview and possible professional service contract will be based on qualifications, experience, references, ability to provide service on schedule, and applicable licensing requirements, if any.
Final selection of individual(s) or firm(s) will be based on interview results, meeting insurance requirements, and cost of services to be provided.
Professional services are sought in the following areas: Road Surveying, Design, and Construction Engineering Right-of-Way Appraisals / Negotiations / Acquisition Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Land and Property Surveying Geology, Geotechnical Evaluation, and Materials Testing Services Storm Water Facilities Fuel Depot Maintenance / System (Card-lock) Water Resources & Wetland Delineation / Mitigation Landscaping & Plant Restoration Trenchless Construction Environmental Services Traffic & Noise Mitigation Shoreline Geology & Processes Marine Biology, Fisheries & Stream Surveys and Habitat Studies Biological Assessments Water Quality Monitoring Archaeological Services Septic Drainfield Location / Evaluation / Design Photogrammetric / Mapping Services Capital Improvements / Public Facilities Planning and Architectural Design Recycling / Hazardous Waste / Remediation Landfill Design & Operations / Septage Management Electronic Data Processing Telecommunications Service Civil Design Software Including Support Use of local Island County individuals and firms as subconsultants are encouraged, but will not be part of the selection criteria.
Letters of interest and statements of qualification (one copy only) as a response to this Request for Services, proposals should be submitted to the Island County Public Works Department, PO Box 5000, Coupeville, WA 98239-5000, no later than 4:30 p.m., January 31, 2022.
If a statement of qualifications was submitted in 2021, then a letter requesting your firm be retained on the County list is sufficient. Statements will be accepted after the due date, but may not receive consideration for possible work early in the calendar year.


2022 Professional Services Roster
Public Utility District No. l of Skagit County (“PUD”) hereby solicits Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) for the PUD’s Services Roster from consulting firms possessing the required experience and resources needed for any/ all of the following Disciplines:
1. Archaeological
2. Wetland Delineation
Statements of Qualifications must clearly demonstrate the ability of the respondent firm(s) in the following Significant Evaluation Factors: Cover Page (maximum 1 page, include Discipline(s) applying for). General Information (maximum of 3 pages): • Overview of Firm (History, Mission, Vision and Goals) • Proximity to Skagit County • Project Management Methodology Discipline Specific Information (maximum of 5 pages) per Discipline as described above): • Experience of the firm for the submitted Discipline.
Provide examples of five projects within the last 10 years, including Scope, Project Team, Specialty Subcontractors and Client Contact.
Qualifications of the staff currently working/assigned to the discipline.
Excellence in past performance.
NOTE: Multiple Discipline submittals must be under one cover along with the firm’s General Information.
If you are submitting for one Discipline, your SOQ will be a maximum of 9 pages. If you are submitting in two Disciplines, (label each discipline) you will submit one SOQ consisting of no more than 14 pages; three Disciplines will be limited to a maximum of 19 pages; and so on.
Firms desiring consideration shall submit one (1) PDF file of Statement of Qualifications to by 5:00 PM on Monday, January 31, 2022.
This is not a Request for Proposal. Statements of Qualifications will be kept on file for calendar year 2022, or longer at the PUD’s discretion


RFQ Architecture, Engineering And Related Services Consultant Roster
The Office of Capital Planning and Development is requesting that consulting firms interested in contracting with Western Washington University submit their qualifications in accordance with the requirements listed on the following website:
If you have any questions, contact Teyra Carter, Capital Planning and Development, (
The submittals should be received by February 28, 2022.